PC Case

The purpose of this subassembly is to encase the major electronic components used for the FreiCar, provide protection from environmental hazards such as dust and moisture, and allow some degree of cable management.


I. Requirements




Description Qty
scr_cbr_m3x06 M3x6 CBR Screws 12
scr_csk_m3x08 M3x8 CSK Screws 12
scr_csk_m4x12 M4x12 CSK Screws 12

Custom Parts

Description Qty Description Qty
01_bottom Case Bottom 1 08_left Case Left 1
02_c90 Case Corner 90º 1 09_right Case Right 1
03_cp Case Corner PCI 1 10_f_left Case Front-Left 1
04_ca1 Case Corner Angle 1 2 11_b_left Case Back-Left 1
05_ca2 Case Corner Angle 2 2 12_top Case Top 1
06_front Case Front 1 13_so_10 Standoff 10 mm 8
07_back Case Back 1 14_so_40 Standoff 40 mm 4
20_if Car Interface Board 1

Commercial Components

Description Qty
15_switch Toggle Switch w/ LED 2
16_jack DC Power Jack 1
17_pc Mini-ITX PC 1
18_pc_cover PC Port Plate 1
19_psu M4-ATX Power Supply 1

II. Assembly Steps

  1. Insert the DC Power Jack and the Motor and PC switches in their respective holes in the Front-Left case side.


  2. Attach the case's Front Panel to the PCI corner piece with care, since the thin tine that divides the PCI card slots can be very fragile. Then proceed to attach an Angle 1 corner to the other end of the Front Panel.


  3. Place the PC's Port Cover in the Front Panel's opening from the inside.


  4. Using the M3x8 Countersunk screws, attach all of the Standoffs to the Bottom Plate as shown in the picture.


  5. Place the Front Panel, assembled in step (3), along with the remaining Corner Pieces in their respective positions on the Bottom Plate and secure them with M4x12 Countersunk screws.


  6. Position the assembled PC on top of the four 10mm Standoffs, by sliding it horizontaly so that the ports end in their respective cutouts in the Port Cover, and fasten it using four M3x6 Cap screws. (Note: If a PCI card is attached to the motherboard, it may be blocking the access to one of the mounting holes. If that is the case, detach the PCI card before screwing the motherboard to the base, and reattach it after the mounting screws have been tightened.)


  7. Affix the Car Interface Board to the 10 mm Standoffs on the bottom plate using four M3x6 Cap screws. It is a good idea to connect and arrange all the necessary cables to the PCB at this stage, since it will be covered in the next step.


  8. Place the Power Supply Circuit on top of the longer 40 mm Standoffs and secure it in place with four M3x6 Cap screws. Finish all of the internal cabling and routing.


  9. Slide the remaining Side Panels into their respective grooves.


  10. Screw the Top Plate to the Corner Pieces using 6 M4x12 Countersunk screws.


III. Exploded View



ID Description Qty ID Description Qty
1 Case Bottom 1 13 Standoff 10 mm 8
2 Case Corner 90º 1 14 Standoff 40 mm 4
3 Case Corner PCI 1 15 Toggle Switch w/LED 2
4 Case Corner Angle 1 2 16 DC Power Jack 1
5 Case Corner Angle 2 2 17 Mini-ITX PC 1
6 Case Front 1 18 PC Port Plate 1
7 Case Back 1 19 M4-ATX Power Supply 1
8 Case Left 1 20 Car Interface Board 1
9 Case Right 1 21 M3x6 CBR Screws 12
10 Case Front Left 1 22 M3x8 CSK Screws 12
11 Case Front Right 1 23 M4x12 CSK Screws 12
12 Case Top 1