ESC Case

This page contains the instructions for assembling the car's Electronic Speed Controller Case.


This sub-assembly is used for protecting the ESC and providing mounting features, while keeping the power switch and RC synchronization button easily accessible during normal operation.

I. Requirements


screwdriver 2 and 2.5mm Hex Driver



Description Qty
scr_csk_m3x16 M3x16 CSK 4
scr_cbr_m3x10 M3x10 CBR 2
scr_cbr_m3x10 M3 Nyloc Nuts 4

Custom Parts

Description Qty
01_case ESC Case 1
02_lid ESC Case Lid 1

GRL8 Scale Car Parts

Description Qty
03_esc Electronic Speed Controller 1
04_ps ESC Power Switch 1

II. Assembly Steps

  1. Insert the four M3 Nyloc nuts in their respective holes at the back of the ESC Case.


  2. Place the ESC Power Switch in its position at the front of the ESC Case. It should fit snuggly, without needing too much insertion force.


  3. Place the ESC in its position at the front of the ESC Case and route the Switch's cable through the groove at the bottom of the Case.


  4. Close the ESC Case with the ESC Case Lid, making sure to pass the power and motor cables through the main opening.


  5. Secure the Lid to the Case using the four M3x16 Countersunk screws.


  6. Screw the two M3x10 Counterbore screws to the top of the case. This screws are used to mounting the driver assembly to the bottom of the PC Case via keyholes, thus, a gap of about 3mm should be left between the head of the screws and the top of the case.


III. Exploded View



ID Description Qty
1 ESC Case 1
2 ESC Case Lid 1
3 Electronic Speed Controller 1
4 ESC Power Switch 1
5 M3 Nyloc Nuts 4
6 M3x10 CBR Screws 2
7 M3x16 CSK Screws 4